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...And I developed new techniques for gold recovery. And I could go into the jungle and recover gold that they had missed before because I could recover the very, very fine particles of gold with my particular technique. It uses nothing but water and it makes no harsh impact on the environment because there’s no chemicals. And it will... not only that, but it does a better job and a lot cheaper job than the chemical operations that they have now.
Anyhow, I went back to the United States and I started working on it, trying to figure out what was in it that caused the malaria to be cured. And I finally realized... What I was using was a solution that is being sold in all the health food stores and had been on the shelves of health food stores for like 75 years in the United States. And it’s called stabilized oxygen. And so, that’s what I was using -- stabilized oxygen. And I started working with it. And I sent it over to friends that I made in Africa, and they were trying it out on people who had malaria over there and telling me by email how it was working. And so they cured a lot of people. And in the process, I was working out ways of making it work better and better. So we finally got to the point where it was curing everybody that they treated. There wasn’t any failures. And so, at that point, I didn’t figure that it needed to get any better. And so, I have been working with it the same way. Now, stabilized oxygen has been used, and people have been talking about oxygen, and how wonderful it was to have the oxygen and stabilized oxygen. It’s been in books and on the internet, and so forth.

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